Few interesting things I read

  1. Another great blog post on William Baumol by Kevin Bryan at A FINE THEOREM. This one focuses on his work on entrepreneurship.
  2. Spanish Civil War through Orwell’s eyes (link)
  3. Are we seeing peak Amazon in the news? Yale law Journal paper building anti-trust case on Amazon. It covers lots of ground. A summary of the history of whole anti-trust law in USA. Another very good analysis here. Some more charts to go with the other two (link).
  4. Was reading a Tyler Cowen post and ended up here.
  5. One intellectual hero (Paul Romer) of mine on another. My favorite post from him. Though for me the causality runs the other way.
  6. I don’t know how to describe this one. Loved it. My favorite read of this week.
  7. Possible unintended benefits of lower oil prices (link).
  8. Sanjeev Ahluwalia on Coal Scam convictions (link).
  9. Beautiful profile of a beautiful person- Arundhati Roy. She has extreme views and I do not agree with them. However, I am a fan of her intellectual honesty and her fiction. I love GOST.
  10. Arun Shourie (AS) has a new book on two spiritual giants of India- Raman Maharishi and Swami Paramhansa. Loved the cover. I listened to his interview with Vir Sanghvi on the book. Was very disappointed with AS for trying to explain away their mystical experiences as some kind of seizures.  I could see that he was trying to simplify his opinion for the audience, ended up simplifying too much.  Would try to read the book and find more.
  11. My boss had suggested reading Heart of Darkness by Conrad. Read it on the weekend. Thought its message was not as hard hitting as I had thought it would be. Maybe having watched Apocalypse Now can explain it or I missed many of the messages. Reception section of the Wikipedia page has some fascinating reviews. Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart remains my current favorite.

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