What I read today

  1. Noah Smith on the urgent need to synthesize empirics and theory in Economics. Credentialism, Careerism and Tribalism might be stronger than scientific honesty.
  2. Grognor has an interesting blog “Second Enumerations” where he has audio recorded essays which have influenced him in his life. Till now I have listened to Why Speculate by Michael Crichton where the highlight was his discussion of Gell-Mann Amnesia, Cargo Cult Science by Feynman, The Ethics of Belief by W.K. Clifford, Keep your Identity Small by Paul Graham, and very first blog post of Scott Alexander on his wonderful blog.
  3. Meditations on the ability of the prairie dogs to use language (link) and Amateur Cloud Society discovering a new cloud type (link). Both are wonderful pieces of writing.
  4. Yuval Noah Harari on his current favorite topic.
  5. Using Dendrochronology to find the antecedents of a bass instrument. One of my friends Varun peeked my curiosity in this field. Amazing stuff!

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